Art to me is the ability to see the world around me from varied points of view and explore these perspectives in my work. What starts out as an undefined abstraction finds expression in a finessed end result that reflects my attitude, feelings and thoughts. It brings immense satisfaction to explore, experiment and discover, seeing beauty in things, form, color, nature and art itself. Things that don't seem all that essential but without which one would not feel truly alive. Through these pieces or compositions I hope to connect with the viewer.

Inspiration is drawn from varied sources. Every idea or a drawing is a fresh beginning with many possibilities. There are times when it's not only the subject but the material, textures and colors that are intriguing. My work sometimes start with a color idea and evolve into compositions where color is the primary subject.
Colors sway my thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. A medium that's powerful and irreplaceable. At the same time monochromatic approach is equally captivating. The play of light and shadows and the mood it creates is the foundation of my charcoal works.

I have a Bachelors degree in Visual Arts (B.V.A) from College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Bangalore. Education also includes Bachelors in Computer Science, Maths and Statistics and Masters in Computer Applications.

Currently I express my ideas using painting, print making and working directly with mundane objects.

-Srikala Gangi Reddy

November 2021 - Creative Resilience, Unesco Headquarters, Paris
October 2021 - UnGallery, Art Flute, Bangalore
September 2021 - Drushyotsava, College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath
November 2020 - AMI Art Festival, Kolkata Center for Creativity & Emami Art
October 2017 - 'Samsara' - a celebration and an artistic interpretation of the extraordinary visuals of our beloved planet.
January 2017 - India Art Festival, New Delhi
December 2017 - Delhi International Film Festival, New Delhi
February 2016 - Art Walk by Sublime Galleria and The Oberoi
August 2015 - Invited by Talvin Singh to paint live at his concert, Art Bengaluru
August 2015 - Art Bengaluru by Sublime Galleria
August 2015 - Group show,Taj Westend, Bangalore sponsored by Helping hand
July 2015 - Solo show, Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore
March 2015 - 'A walk down a winding path' - An ode to sublime aesthetics of an Indian classical dancer. Solo show, 1 M.G Road, Bangalore

Ongoing individual commissions for private collectors
February 2021 - Art Deco themed digital prints for Prestige Bougainvillea, Delhi
November 2019 - Local tradition influenced motif designs for JW Marriott model room, Bangalore
June 2019 - Environment and architecture oriented paintings, graphic prints and fabric installation for Falcon towers, Bangalore
July 2018 - Art Deco themed paintings for Kingfisher towers, Bangalore
March 2016 - 2017 - Culture, tradition and environment based work for the Sheraton Grand, Bangalore