Many years ago I stumbled upon a place, a charming old bungalow nestled among trees that looked like a place preserved in time, perhaps the way life was meant to be. Intrigued, I walked in to see a group of artists absorbed in their work in a yard covered by dense trees. I stood watching, mesmerized with the colors being used, the brush strokes and the apt setting in which the artists were working. I just knew that one day I had be a part of it. The memory is crystal clear in my mind, an image so beautiful and an association so powerful. Under the yellow tree…thus began my journey in the world of art, to nurture an urge and embrace a world that I know is full of uncertainty but filled with possibilities.
Art to me is the ability to see the world through different eyes and hopefully capture my perspective of the inspiration on canvas. What starts out as an undefined abstraction finds expression in a finessed end result that reflects my attitude, feelings and thoughts. It brings immense joy to play with colors and watch them blend on the canvas and helps me see beauty in things, in any form, color, nature and art itself. Things that don’t seem all that essential but without which one would not feel truly alive. Through these pieces or compositions I hope to connect with the viewer.

Inspiration is drawn from many sources. There are times when it’s not the subject but the medium and the colors that bring immense joy. The play of light and shadows and the mood it creates is the foundation of my charcoal works. There are so many ways to paint; there are so many ways to see. Every canvas is a new beginning and every brush stroke a new possibility. Colors can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. A medium that’s powerful and irreplaceable. My paintings usually start with a color idea and evolve into compositions where color is the primary subject.

I have no formal education in fine arts. But the innate artistic nature was nurtured and shaped by Sameena Sharif and K.S.Sharif who run expression school of fine arts in Bangalore My current work is rendered in charcoal, acrylic and oils. It captures desire for perfection of an Indian classical dancer. It is an ode to sublime aesthetics and appreciation of the human body in moments of sheer grace, structured movement, cultivated expression and divine harmony.

-Srikala Gangi Reddy

March 2015 - Solo show, 1 M.G Road, Bangalore
July 2015 - Solo show, Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore
August 2015 - Group show, Taj Westend, Bangalore sponsored by Helping hand films
August 2015 - Art Bengaluru by Sublime Galleria
February 2016 – Art Walk by Sublime Galleria and The Oberoi
March 2016 – till date – Commissioned to do 20 art works for the Sheraton Grand, Bangalore